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I shall not now enter into that inquiry, my current organization remaining not to lookup into the authentic of electricity, but how we come by the thought of it. But since energetic powers make so great a aspect of our intricate concepts of natural substances, (as we shall see hereafter,) and I point out them as this sort of, according to widespread apprehension however they remaining not, maybe, so truly energetic powers as our hasty ideas are apt to stand for them, I judge it not amiss, by this intimation, to direct our minds to the thing to consider of god and spirits, for the clearest plan of lively electric power.

rn(From II. xxi.

) I confess electrical power contains in it some kind of relation (a relation to action or transform,) as without a doubt which of our concepts of what type soever, when attentively thought of, does not. For, our strategies of extension, period, and number, do they not all contain in them a solution relation of the pieces? determine and motion have something relative in them a lot additional visibly. … Our thought as a result of power, I feel, may possibly properly have a place amongst other straightforward ideas , and be regarded as 1 of them currently being 1 of individuals that make a principal ingredient in our sophisticated ideas of substances, as we shall hereafter have occasion to notice. rn(From II.

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xxi. ) [I]f we will take into account it attentively, bodies, by our senses, do not pay for us so distinct and distinct an concept of lively energy, as we have from reflection on the functions of our minds.

For all power relating to action, and there being but two types of action whereof we have an idea, viz. Considering and movement, let us look at whence we have the clearest concepts of the powers which create these steps. Of considering, system affords us no strategy at all it is only from reflection that we have that. Neither have we from body any notion of the starting of movement. A entire body at relaxation affords us no notion of any lively power to transfer and when it is set in motion itself, that movement is rather a enthusiasm than an action in it.

For, when the ball obeys the movement of a billiard-stick, it is not any action of the ball, but bare passion.

Also when by impulse it sets a different ball in movement that lay in its way, it only communicates the motion it experienced acquired from another, and loses in by itself so considerably as the other been given: which provides us but a extremely obscure concept of an energetic power of transferring in entire body, although we observe it only to transfer , but not make any movement. Is the idea of electricity a very simple strategy or not? What turns on this? How does the mind sort an concept of electric power? Why does sensation not give us an idea of lively power?Primary and Secondary Traits. II. viii is supposed as a more dialogue of simple thoughts. Locke draws what need to by now be a common distinction. Can you reconstruct Locke’s argument?rn(From II.

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viii. ) To learn the nature of our thoughts the improved, and to, discourse of them intelligibly, it will be practical to distinguish them as they are thoughts or perceptions in our minds and as they are modifications of make a difference in the bodies that cause these perceptions in us …rn(From II. viii. ) In any respect the head perceives in by itself , or is the speedy object of notion, imagined, or being familiar with, that I simply call strateg.

and the ability to generate any plan in our thoughts, I contact good quality of the subject matter whereby that ability is. Therefore a snowball obtaining the power to produce in us the strategies of white, chilly, and round-the electric power to produce those ideas in us, as they are in the snowball, I contact characteristics and as they are sensations or perceptions in our understandings, I connect with them suggestions which concepts , if I talk of occasionally as in the matters themselves, I would be recognized to indicate those characteristics in the objects which make them in us. rn(From II. viii. ) Concerning these qualities, we, I consider, notice these principal types in bodies that produce easy tips in us, viz.

solidity, extension, movement or rest , nubmer or figure . These, which I phone initial or major features of body, are wholly inseparable from it and this sort of as in all the alterations and improvements it suffers, all the pressure can be utilised upon it, it consistently keeps and these as perception continually finds in just about every particle of issue which has bulk sufficient to be perceived and the head finds inseparable from every single particle of subject, even though considerably less than to make by itself singly be perceived by our senses: e.

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